Annie Oakley - Floral Fragrance Collection

Annie:  Classic Floral Bouquet :  A lovely blend of rose and lily of the valley offers a gentle scent with balance and longevity, drifting off to amber and woody notes.
Indian Musk:  Modern Floral Musk:  A warm blend of rich gardenia, fragrant white flowers, and musk conveys a caressing of petals, followed by subtle earth notes.
Morning Dew:  Fresh Spring Floral :  Lilac, lily, grape and balsam encircle the cool, lush breezes of spring...the earth awakening.
Sunset:  Tropical Floral, lightly fruity:  Exotic, uplifting and fresh with calming scents of tropical fruits and soft geranium tranquil and transporting.
Honeysuckle:  Classically elegant, fruity floral:  Summary notes of pear and lemon complement the gentle sweetness of honeysuckle with lingering notes of vanilla.
White Lily:  Delicately spiced floral:  A sophisticated fusion of floral and oriental notes, blended with white lilies, lily of the valley, and calming spice.
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